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Eat, Drink, and Go!

Side by side, we tasted the wines before pairing.  The Cab was smooth and simple, hardly any acidity with very soft tannins.  The Merlot was robust, rich with dark berry notes and had a heavier mouth feel than the Cab.

When paired with the steaks, the Merlot took on a new attitude.  It was like it found its soulmate and started playing together in my mouth.  The flavors sang, the pairing was perfect with both the strip and the bison cuts.

Steak and Wine Tasting Night!

​I highly recommend a night dedicated to opening a great red and making the steaks to match, because that's what we did last night!

The wines:  Duckhorn Cabernet Sauvignon and Nickle & Nickle Merlot

The steaks: NY Strip with a dry rub of brown sugar, vanilla beans, paprika, and allspice and Bison steaks with just a simple salt pepper and garlic sprinkle and a blueberry balsamic reduction to pour over.  We grilled both to a rare/mid-rare temp.