It's tough to figure out where to begin regarding food.  There are specific food items, recipes, ideas, random thoughts, and concepts that could all be their own topic.  So I'll probably update this page pretty often.  I'll include noteworthy restaurant experiences and what's currently on my plate.  I love cooking.  My best advice on cooking is to go with the best ingredients and be flexible.  Lots of things work with give and take from a rigid recipe, so don't feel afraid or pressured to stick to it (except in baking because that's got an element of chemistry!).  

What's on my plate these days?

I eat healthy (most of the time - I mean, Five Guys happens) because it feels good and tastes great.  I cook healthy. I'm always thinking of healthier versions of complete meals that satisfy me so I don't feel like I only ate four pieces of lettuce.  I like to feel full but not sick (thought that happens sometimes too).  My pantry is stocked with about a million different salts, oils, jams, and vinegars, Very little is in the freezer (though there's always a bottle of Grey Goose for emergency martinis).  About 90% of what I buy comes from the produce and meat sections.  I always have a special cheese or two (or three) in the fridge.  

Hot Veggies and what to do with them:

Acorn Squash just finished it's season (in my store anyways), but this is a fantastic squash that you can slice and roast plain or cut in half, roast, and then stuff with sausage and kale and make a delicious and filling meal.

Cauliflower - I love this cruciferous palette for pretty much any type of cuisine.  It's powers of carmelization in roasting are fierce - the more you roast the sweeter it gets.  Last time I made it, I sliced it like steaks instead of florets to be different, drizzled it with olive oil, salt and pepper and some paprika.  SO yummy!!

Brussel Sprouts - they're trendy and have been for the last few years because they are amazeballs.  I never knew I liked them until a friend made them roasted with and apple cider vinagrette and hazelnuts.  I've added all sorts of things to them in roasting.  Cut off the ends, cut in half, toss in olive oil, sprinkle with whatever seasoning, and roast on 400 until the outsides are brown and crispy, about 20 min.  Add pretty much anything, ideas - walnuts, pistachios, dried cranberries, dried apricots, feta cheese, bacon, prosciutto...


Eat, Drink, and Go!

This website is dedicated to my love of food, drink, and travel - individually and collectively. 

My goal is to inspire by sharing experiences, thoughts, ideas, and suggestions for any and all who care to read them!  Mostly healthy and mostly clean, but there are always exceptions (like real butter and s@*t).  The BLOG is much more up-to-date than the website, so please click on the blog button above for what's cookin', drinking, and going!  Enjoy!!