Recommendations for wineries in Napa from my last visit:

​Clos du Val - beautiful scenery, exciting variety in both red and white.  Their Merlot and Cab are excellent and available in good wine stores for between $30-60.  I belong to their wine club and have never been disappointed by a selection.

Frog's Leap - seated tasting with some cheese and open air view of vineyards, plus a bonus "splash" or your choice for walking after tasting.  I decided to visit this winery on my last trip out there because their website was from a dog's perspective.  How could I resist?? Their Zinfandel changed my mind about Zinfandels and is a fantastic choice that pairs well with bolder flavors and is findable in good wine stores (est. $40).

Charles Krug - great history in the Valley, excellent tasting room staff and a new facility with plenty of seating.  Very smooth and easy to drink Cab, soft but still chalky tannins. I love chalky tannins.  I'm not a huge fan of whites, but their Chardonnay is noteworthy.  And they really roll out the red carpet for their wine club members, so I benefited from that with my travel buddy who is a member.  I've found their Cab in wine stores, est $30.

Stag's Leap - old school and a bit pretentious, but it's got deep roots (won the challenge in the '70s with France for best red) and outstanding wines.  Worth the tasting fees, but  couldn't bring myself to join the club based on prices.  

Markham - reliable and easy-going reds, the whites are actually quite good too (a nice Sauvignon Blanc).  You can find some of their wines (not the limited varietals) in stores est $25-40.  I belong to their wine club.  

Domain Chandon - this is a stop on the Napa Valley Wine Train.  It's also great for champagne!  Practically unlimited tastings of champagne.  Don't go here if you don't like champagne, but if you don't like champagne, you should probably get that checked out.

Please let me know if you have other recommendations for wineries I should visit on my my trip out there!  Click on the "contact me" tab above.  ​

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