I wasn't much of a beer fan, sure I'd have a Blue Moon here and there at the bar, until I went to a craft beer festival a few years ago.  It opened my eyes to so many great things about stouts and porters!  So now I tend to gravitate to them, but I'll still comment on ales, lagers, etc...when such come across my lips!

Current favorites:

Du Claw makes several great ones:  Sweet Baby Jesus (chocolate peanut               butter!!), Dirty Little Freak (coconut caramel - yes it sounds weird but it is delicious)

Southern Tier:  the Creme Brulee is heavenly.  It is very rich and dark, but sweet and not at all bitter.  I also like all of the Espresso and Chocolate stouts of theirs that I've tried.  Pairs great with steak (see blog about the chocolate-infused pre-Valentine's dinner).

Dragon's Milk:  this one is tough to find and quite pricey, but it is worth every penny because it's bold, but still smooth, with chocolate notes that somehow don't make it sweet.  It is a serious dark beer, with tiny bubbles just for the perfect amount of effervescence.  

Eat, Drink, and Go!

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