Eat, Drink, and Go!


This endeavor is a reflection of my love of food, drink, and travel in the written and pictorial form.  My friends and family like the way I talk about how I cook things, often follow my drink recommendations, and take my travel "dos and don'ts" to heart in their own vacation planning.  This means a lot to me - the fact that people value my opinions.  It has encouraged me to share my opinions on a larger platform, such as this internet thingy...for whatever they are worth!

So here I am.  I am many things.  I am a strong, confident, fit girl (yes, I still think of myself as a girl) with lots of interests, a special sense of humor, and a knack for short stories, funny blurbs, big words, and hyperbolic rhetoric (and excessive use of parentheses).  I am neither a professional chef nor a master sommelier; I'm simply a fan of cooking and eating, pouring and drinking, traveling and exploring.  My professional training includes how to be a lawyer and a musician (separate trainings), and sometimes my blogs may so reflect.  I expect you'll get more ideas of who I am through my blogging.  I love sharing my positive experiences with food, drink, and travel and am always eager to try new and exciting things in these worlds.  This site reflects my personal opinions based on my own "R & D," but I'd be happy to try your suggestions, product samples, hotels, private islands, etc...and discuss them gratuitously (but honestly) here!!

This website is dedicated to my love of food, drink, and travel - individually and collectively. 

My goal is to inspire by sharing experiences, thoughts, ideas, and suggestions for any and all who care to read them!  Mostly healthy and mostly clean, but there are always exceptions (like real butter and s@*t).  The BLOG is much more up-to-date than the website, so please click on the blog button above for what's cookin', drinking, and going!  Enjoy!!